What is Mobile Marketing?


The era of mobiles has blossomed and it is high time that you invest in a new strategy called Mobile Marketing. If you have not taken the plunge yet, then chances are high that are lagging behind. So it is advisable that you start researching on this latest marketing trend and start earning more.

What is Mobile Marketing?

In simple words it is a way to advertise using the medium of smartphones, other kinds of mobiles devices and tablets. You advertisements will constantly appear on the screens of these popular devices making your business famous and make you a notch richer. Moreover you can customize your ads and choose from an array of styles that already exist for this purpose. You can make use of voice messages, app based, location based, in game, QR codes, texts and graphics for this kind of marketing.

Why do you need this?

A recent survey has revealed the following facts and reading will make you think why you have not invested in it still now:

  • Over a span of time ever since 2012, mobile searches have jumped the gun by 200%
  • Users spend 80% of their time on apps using mobile devices
  • It is quite interesting to know that mobile retail conversion has reached 2.2% from tablets over smartphones that carry 0.7%
  • Did you know that 70% of tablet users spend their time on webpages?

What are its benefits?

There are many benefits of using Mobile Marketing which will be clarified by the following points:

  • Mobile campaigns are way cheaper than any other marketing channel
  • Reach targeted audience
  • Effective and direct communication with customers
  • You can collect relevant data
  • This can generate more response

Overall it has to be mentioned that mobile based marketing can help you create your brand identity faster in a useful way.


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