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You Know ? Amazon is proving AWS We can help to move you on Amazon Web Services Cloud

AWS Experts We Know Cloud

AWS (amazon web services ) is a subsidiary of amazon, which is proving cloud computing platform to their customers. AWS is flexible and fast. Virtual Computer version of AWS minimize the maximum number of attributes of a real computer hardware like CPU and GPU. Charges of AWS is depends upon the usage of networking, CPU and storage.

Rexzet Solution is the master in AWS technology. We have experienced experts, they can help you to develop your business with AWS.

AWS Consultants
Harness The Power Of Cloud


AWS Consultants

Rexzet Solutions can help you to develop your business with AWS or migrate your business using this platform. If you are worrying about AWS development, Just Contact Us.

AWS Compute

We can help to develop from single compute engine to complex and multi-level engine. We know the power of Amazon EC2 and can utilize efficiently. 

Scaling Experts

You need expert to manage and scale your AWS system, Rexzet Solutions is the option in front of you.


Our experts can integrate the AWS data to your local business applications. No need to worry about this

AWS For Mobile

We know how to build and publish web applications, mobile apps and after it monitor and scale these applications by using AWS.

We can Transform your Business

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Store and Deliver AWS Storage Services

Amazon is the best online services selling company, AWS is providing different types of data storage. Don’t care about what type of data is, NoSQL database, relational database and large digital files. AWS can handle all types of databases very effectively

Rexzet Solution is an IT company, we are proving different types of services. One of our services is AWS development and maintenance. We helpto organizations to develop or migrate their business on Amazon Web Services. We can let them select the best data services to develop and integration of apps to get best performance.

  • Cloud Storage

    Rexzet Solutions can help you to manage your all data on cloud using Amazon Web Services.

  • Delivery and Availability

    I think you are looking for global resource availability and data delivery,Rexzet Solutions can help you to work with Cloudfront, ElastiCache, and Redshift.

  • Storage For The Apps

    If you want best storage for web or mobile application, we recommend you to choose AWS.

  • Data Migration

    You want to migrate bulk of data to AWS platform, We can help to do this. Data migration is our left hand game.

Power And Performance
AWS For Mobile and Web

  • AWS For Mobile Backend

    AWS is  providing many services to help customers architect a secure, agile, and scalable backend for hybrid mobile apps. Rexzet Solutions is master of it.

  • Performance Optimization

    Implement Load Balancing, Benchmark and Monitor App Performance to increase optimization of performance.

  • Analyzing and Intelligence

    For analyzing and tracking performance we will develop custom dashboard using AWS, that will help to increase performance.