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Best Mobile App Development platforms (2019)

Best Mobile App Development platforms (2019)

A lot of people would refer to this present era as the technological era. A lot of things have become digitized and you can get almost anything you want on the internet. Mobile phones are very vital to the technological era which we are now in. Mobile phones provide different users with a very good level of flexibility which no other device provides. These mobile phones can be used to access different things. Nowadays, the mobile phones in the hands of every user are now less complex. Their operation is under the control of a variety of mobile applications. These mobile applications could be for a variety of purposes namely; internet, gaming, social media and so on. These mobile applications serve different users but how are these mobile apps created. The top mobile apps on the different application stores were created on a variety of platforms. This blog post will take you through the best mobile application platforms you can find. Before, we begin to treat the different application development platforms, let’s take a closer look at what mobile apps are.

What is a mobile app?

Best Mobile App Development platforms (2019) Mobile applications are simply a set of instructions or programs which are compatible with mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones. These apps are designed to produce a considerable level of convenience. From the onset, mobile applications were originally restricted to emails, calendars and databases but an increase in demand led to the creation of more apps such as mobile games, factory automation, GPS and location-based services, order-tracking, and ticket purchases. These apps are connected to everyday living and provide an unprecedented level of convenience. Mobile apps are now a norm as there are millions of them as on different mobile phones all over the world. Mobile apps are commonly available and downloaded from application distribution platforms which are controlled by the manufacturer of the phone’s OS. The most common stores are the App Store (iOS) and the Google Playstore. On these stores, certain apps are free while you may need to pay to make use of other apps. Mobile applications are considered to be quite different from desktop applications. Mobile applications are known to provide a quite similar service to those provided by their more complex desktop versions. These apps are usually considered to be small, individual software units with a limited amount of functions. The creation of application software was made quite popular by Apple and its App store. These apps are quite different from desktop applications with a lot of features. The mobile app is quite effective but it provides a lesser amount of functionality and an increased amount of convenience for users. The simplest types of mobile apps are created based on PC-based applications and then moved onto a mobile device. As different mobile apps become quite complex, this technique becomes more difficult. The creation of more complex applications requires more complex development platforms. A very complex approach means that the app is going to be created solely for the mobile environment. The app will now be designed to utilize the different limitations and advantages of the mobile phone. Nowadays, we now have special apps which are designed to work only on the operating systems of mobile phone. They rely on a completely different concept from PC-based applications.

Types of Mobile Apps:

There are millions of apps in the different stores all over the world. Despite the different applications available on these stores, there are basically three types of apps. The different types of apps include; Native, Hybrid and Web-based applications.

Native Apps:

Best Mobile App Development platforms (2019) These apps are the most popular types of apps we can find on stores. These bare the apps which are designed to be very compatible with only certain mobile platforms. This means an app which is designed to work on Apple devices will not work on an android device. Native apps are restrictive and most app developers do their best to ensure that they create apps compatible with different mobile platforms. During the creation of native apps, manufactures make use of the best-in-class user interface modules. This will ensure that the apps enjoy a better performance and provide users with a very good experience. Users will enjoy the benefits of using an app that runs seamlessly on a certain device. Also, these apps can be accessed by any user who owns these devices. The man aim behind the creation of native apps is to ensure optimal performance for a certain operating system.

Hybrid Apps:

Best Mobile App Development platforms (2019) Hybrid apps make use of both the features of native and web-based apps. There are different hybrid apps available in the world. However, most hybrid apps are created making use of Xamarin, React Native, Sencha Touch and so on. These apps are designed to combine web and native technologies and are compatible with different multiple platforms. The advantage of these apps are that they are very easy to make use of and very simple to develop. The development of hybrid mobile apps involves the use of a single code which can run on different operating systems. Despite the ease of use of hybrid apps, they are considerably slower when in operation. Often times, these aps are known to perform differently on different mobile operating systems.

Web-Based Apps:

Best Mobile App Development platforms (2019) These are specially designed apps which are coded with the use of HTML5, CSS or JavaScript. For the use of these web-based apps, there is a need for a very strong internet connection. The apps are known to create a very good performance and user-experience for different users. These apps are designed to take only a minimal amount of memory space on mobile phones. They take lesser memory space in comparison with Native and Hybrid apps. Considering the fact that a good part of the application’s database is stored on the internet, users can always gain access to the data from any device and any part of the world through the internet.

Mobile Application Development Platforms:

Best Mobile App Development platforms (2019) The creation of apps which are compatible with mobile devices requires that the manufactures take note of certain constraints and features of the mobile devices. Mobile devices run of weaker batteries and are known to have a reduced processing power than personal computers. Mobile devices also possess certain special features such as location detection and cameras. Developers are also known to consider the different screen sixes of mobile devices, hardware specification and customized configurations because of the competition among mobile phone manufacturers. Mobile application development platforms are resources which are used to create different apps. They consist of a special interface which provides users with all the tools required to develop the different applications found on the internet. Mobile Application development can only be done with the use of certain integrated development environments. The mobile apps are initially tested making use of an emulator within the development environment. As soon as it passes this test, it is then subjected to field testing. Emulators are known to provide manufacturers with a cheap way to test different mobile applications running on different devices which may be out of the reach of the developers. Mobile User Interface (UI) Design is also considered to be quite important to development of mobile applications. Mobile UI takes note of the different constraints and contexts, screen, input and mobility as a special outline for the creation of the app. The user is often the targets of different app developers. The interface will ensure that there is a good interaction between the user and the app, and the interface consists of both the hardware and software. User input allows different users to alter the parameters of a system and the performance of the application is an indication of the effectiveness of these parameters. Mobile UI design limitations are limited attention and form factors. They include the screen size of a mobile phone and so on. The purpose of the Mobile UI is to create different simple and friendly interfaces for different mobile applications. Mobile UIs make use of mobile back-ends to create an improved access to different enterprise systems. The mobile back-end is compatible with data routing, security, authentication, authorization, working off-line, and service orchestration. This functionality is supported by a mix of middleware components including mobile app servers, Mobile Backend as a service (MBaaS), and SOA infrastructure. Unlike mobile UIs, conversational interfaces are different. Conversational interfaces are designed to display the computer interface and human interaction with the use of text rather than graphic elements. They are quite similar to the conversations between humans. There are two basic types of conversational interfaces. They include voice assistants (like the Amazon Echo) and chatbots. Conversational interfaces help users to take a break from all the apps on the internet.

Types of Mobile Application Development Platforms:

A lot of developers now find it easy to create apps. As soon as you have the desired idea, you can create a very good app by making use of one of the following development platforms. The development platforms available in the market today are considered more beneficial to customers because they now allow customers the ability to create apps without any serious knowledge about coding. It doesn’t matter if the application is designed to be create for a business, blog, product, service, you can always get a development platform that would provide the best options for you. By making use of these platforms, these applications can be easily created. With a little amount of investment and a good level of adaptability, users or developers will be able to make use of these platforms to create different applications. The different types of application development platforms found on the internet include:

Best Mobile App Development platforms (2019) This development platform is simply a cloud-based mobile app builder which is used to create different apps which are compatible with Android or iOS. This development platform includes Apache Cordova (Phone Gap), Ionic and jQuery Mobile and complete access to all its tools. Developers do not need to install development platform as it runs completely on the cloud. It is also quite easy to make use of. The appery interface makes use of drag and drop tools to create a very good UI. Appery is also known to create a code for the different components of the apps. This app builder can easily be connected to different types of RESET API and can be used with different apps. A cloud database and backend can be added to different apps if there is a need to store data. The Appery app builder can also be used to add a very good level of functionality to the application. The Appery plug in catalog is a very good option to create proper app functions. Developers can also make use of this app builder to create a custom private plugin that can be used in your application. By making use of this app builder, you can easily share your project with different members of your team. Teams can also work together for an extra amount of money.
  • Mobile Roadie:

Best Mobile App Development platforms (2019) This is another good app builder which will allow developers to create different types of apps which are compatible with either iOS or Android platforms. Mobile Roadie provides something better by creating a very good visual interface. The platform is compatible with different media types which possess an automatic importing of RSS, Twitter, or Google News Keywords. It can also be used to ensure real-time communication with different users. When making use of Mobile Roadie, developers can easily preview the app which they have created. Developers will be able to preview the application just how it would be indicated on the mobile device of the user. It will also provide a guide for users on the App Store submission process. Mobile roadie is also designed to measure the quality of the content of such an application. This app builder provides developers with an option to send notifications. This content can either be sent from your site or from the platform. The platform is compatible with a variety of programming languages such as XML, JSON, PHP, CSV and HTML. As soon as you begin the app development process, you can make use of different layout options or customize them to your taste.
  • TheAppBuilder:

Best Mobile App Development platforms (2019) TheAppBuilder provides different apps which can be useful to different developers and clients. This is a very good choice if you are creating any application which would serve as an intranet for a company. You can easily design the app making use on an online toolkit or TheAppBuilder  can be utililsed to design the entire structure of the application. This app developer can also be used to create content for the application. By making use of the in-built AppLibrary, you can provide these different users with a special window and can even customize them with your personal brand. With this app, you update the structure and content of your app quite easily even after the release of the application. By making use of TheAppBuilder, developers can make use of different updates and can make the application available on a variety of platforms. TheAppBuilder is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android. Application updates are quite instantenous.
  • Good Barber:

Best Mobile App Development platforms (2019) Good Barber creates a special platform which can be accessed on different iPhone and Android devices or other optimized web applications. Regardless of wherever you are going to be publishing the application, you can control the different details of the app by writing very single code lines. Different preset templates are made available for users to utilize with a lot of icons and access. When making use of this app builder, you can receive instant visual updates each time you have adjusted any parameters in your application. Developers can send special and instantaneous push notifications to the users of the app. By making use of good barber, your users can contribute to the application. It can also be used in organizing different apps and different sections can be added to the application.
  • Appy Pie:

Best Mobile App Development platforms (2019) This is another special cloud-based mobile app which allows users without any previous programming knowledge to create an application by making use of the platform. Appy Pie can also be used to publish the application. Developers do not need to install or download anything. Anything on the app can be accessed by dragging and dropping different pages. As soon as you are done designing your application, you will be provided with a HTML 5 based hybrid app which is compatible with a lot of platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. All revisions and update on the application are done instantly. The app builder can also be used to send push notifications to users, monetize ads and to take note of the different app analytics. When making use of this app builder, you get the chance to make use of different themes. There is also the choice of an appointment scheduler tool which is useful for different businesses.
  • AppMachine:

Best Mobile App Development platforms (2019) AppMachine is a very simple platform which can be used to build and design different apps for iOS and Android devices. This platform makes use of a drag-and-drop feature to setup the special building blocks for the different applications. The AppMachine provides optimizes the applications with different features. The AppMachine also makes it possible for different developers to link their app with Facebook, Twitter or different online stores. With the use of this app builder, you can design the app according to your custom style. Developers can also monitor their progress and preview the application. This platform allows developers to scan a website for good content which you can then transfer into an app which is compatible with iOS or Android. Developers have the option to continuously check the progress of the application as it is being built. As soon as the app has been fully tested and is ready to use, you can publish the app and analyse the user data. AppMachine handles everything that is needed to make the application compatible with AppStore or Google Play.
  • GameSalad:
Best Mobile App Development platforms (2019) This application development platform is a very good choice for game developers. GameSalad is a very good choice to create and publish different types of games. It will create games which can be published on iOS, Android, HTML 5 and macOS. It makes use of a very simple drag and drop interface. When making use of GameSalad, developers can create applications without any previous programming knowledge. This special gaming app creator allows you to take your time to easily customize the different parameters about the game. It features a scene and actor editor which can be used for game creation, to set up the different actors in a scene, or to add a variety of other parameters to the game. Users of GameSalad are provided with two different plans; one was created for educators and another for developers. However, both plans allow for the creation of games without any special coding knowledge.
  • BiznessApps:
Best Mobile App Development platforms (2019) By making use of this platform, developers can create a very impressive application for a small business. The BiznessApps app builder is very easy to use. It contains a variety of feature such as ordering, shopping cart, reviews, messages and so on. It can also be used to send notifications and measure different app analytics. This development platform allows developers to create an application in a very short period of time. The application to be designed can also be built using existing templates or you could create your application from the scratch. This app builder allows developers access to real-time previews and they can check the progress of the whole app creation process. Developers can make instantaneous updates on their application. The app can easily be update and modified online without having to go through Apple or Google. BiznessApps allows for the creation of different promotional materials. The app constantly allows developers to work on their application without interruption or delay.


Mobile applications remain very important to this new technological era. Different application development platforms make these mobile apps readily available to users all over the world. The best application development platforms have been listed above and their different features have been highlighted. Recently, application development has taken a whole new step and it has been thoroughly treated.  

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