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Rexzet Solutions always welcome to those companies who want to set their infrastructure on Google Cloud


Google App Engine is a mobile app development platform. It provide different features to developer, apps developed by using this platform are load balancing, secure, performance tracking and speedy. No need to worry about management of infrastructure and configuration deployment.

Rexzet Solutions has more than 20 experienced developers, they can help you to do it.

  • Migrate to Google App Engine

    If you want to move your cloud infrastructure from complex cloud to Google cloud, we can help you.

  • Cloud Powered Mobile App Development

    Google cloud is a server less mobile app development platform. Very to develop applications.

  • Performance Consultancy

    If you don’t know about this platform, no need to worry about this. Our experts are here to provide performance consultancy.

  • Compute Engine Consultancy

    Rexzet is an IT company that can provide you the best complete consultancy related to Google App Engine.

  • Compute Engine Setup

    Google App Engine is an Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) by Google, you can use this without setup your own infrastructure. 

  • Complete Solution Development

    You can build application by using Google App Engine in any programming language like PHP, Python, C# and VB etc. It provide full software solutions.


Developers with little knowledge of development applications can work with this platform. The reason is that Google App Engine is a server less mobile app development platform that is the product of Google. This allows the developers to develop more productive and agile applications.

Our expert full support you to move your business on Google App Engine.


Every Application mobile application, web application or desktop apps, need a data base where we can store our data. Google cloud is a type of virtual space that can fulfill your software’s data store requirements.

Rexzet Solutions is master to manage all type of databases like MYSQL and NoSQL on Google storage infrastructure. We always ready to help companies to manage big data.

  • Google Cloud Store Development

    You can develop Google Cloud store by using Open API Specification. If you need help, we are here.

  • Google BigQuery Analytics Solutions

    Our Expert are experienced in big data management.

  • Cloud Dataflow Solutions

    Google App Engine allow Cloud Data flow solution to manage service of transforming and enriching of data in stream.

  • Virtual Cloud Development

    Rexzet Solutions can help you to Virtual Cloud Development for your companies.

  • Load Balancing

    Google Cloud Networking manage your all resources very efficiently and manage load to perform best.

  • Scaling Consultancy

    Rexzet Solutions always help you to create your applications scalable and secure.


Every company needs a lot of computers to perform their tasks and need to connect them to work as a platform. That is so complex task because they needs a lot of resources to utilize. Google cloud networking is the best option to get rid from this complexity. Google Cloud Networking allows to connect resources virtually and manage resources efficiently.

Rexzet Solutions plan and develop Google cloud networking for different companies to give easiness, and manage their resources efficiently. 


Google Cloud Platform is an intelligent system that track all types of activities and create logs. This monitoring feature is built-in in this platform. Problem is the way to utilize resources for accessing current performance and future performance of app?

We help you to create new and integrated performance monitoring system to track performance of application.

  • Stackdriver based Monitoring

    Monitoring system of Google cloud collects events, metrics and metadata from Google Cloud Platform.

  • Reporting and Logging

    This platform is secure because it is able to  Reporting and Logging. Record every activity and create log of these activities. 

  • Alerting and Notification Policies

    If somewhere in the Google cloud come error, it will notify the admin automatically.

  • Cloud Consultancy Services

    Rexzet solutions help you to develop your business on Google cloud.

  • Migrate to Cloud

    We can help you to migrate your business from anywhere to Google cloud.

  • Scaling and Upgrading

    We can help you to upgrade your business from anywhere to Google cloud.


Rexzet Solutions is an IT company, that can help you from planning and formulating application cloud strategy, to scaling the application cloud infrastructure, we are masters in this field and done a lot of projects like this.

We have expertise in all cloud platforms and have experience in catering to organizations of all sizes from startups to enterprises.

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Some more features of our app service

Google Cloud Platform allows easy to design, store data fast,  big data management, analytics as well as machine learning. This platform is the products of Google Search Engine so you can get training from Google and get resources to started your business with much confident.

Rexzet Solutions can also help to develop and launch your business using Google Cloud Platform. We has a lot of experts, they are working on this technology and satisfying out clients using their expertise.

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