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How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results

Facebook is the most used social network in the world with more than one billion users. We find students, companies, directors… in short everyone because today who is not present on it! It’s a safe bet that your future customers are there. Why not take the opportunity to increase your sales by testing the Facebook ad? Facebook ads, thanks to the variety of its formats and the finesse of its targeting, have become in a few years as one of the simplest and most effective ways to reach almost all your potential customers thanks to its number active users and its high penetration rate in Europe and worldwide. Many small and medium businesses, thinking that this action is expensive web marketing and is difficult to implement, the deviation from their communication. But know that advertising on Facebook does not necessarily require a big budget and can pay you big. If you are a novice, this article should give you the right foundation to get started.

How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results

Facebook Advertising vs. Google Advertising:

fb In this area of ​​the number of daily users, Facebook is now competing with Google. However, understanding the difference between these two (complementary) platforms is the key to truly benefit from advertising on Facebook.
    1. Google is a search engine:users come to Google to make “requests” with an intention that goes from the mere fact of information to the passage to the action (purchase, making contact, downloading…) through queries to deepen and compare. As such, advertising on Google is more direct and aims to meet the intent of the customer by presenting an ad tailored to his need for action.
    2. Facebook is a recommendation engine:Facebook users connect not to “search” for content but to “discover” it through the sharing of their friends, their family and news pages or possibly brands to which they subscribe. These are not in an active attitude of seeking information or product. Therefore, running classic ads on fb is not get you a good performance.
To succeed on Facebook, you will have to either:
  • Promote excellent content and then try to convert your visitors into customers
  • Cross your ads into excellent content

Why advertise on Facebook?

  • 2 billion monthly active users worldwide
  • 65 million business pages on Facebook
  • 5 million are advertising 75% outside the United States
  • Mobile advertising accounts for 84% of advertising revenue
  • In 2016, a Facebook user reported an average of $ 19.4 per ad
  • Manage Average cost per 1000 views (CPM): $ 5.94 (or $ 5.4) and $ 4.97 for e-commerce
  • Average cost per click: $ 0.36 (or $ 0.33) and $ 0.26 for e-commerce
  • Average click rate: 1.66% and 1.92% for e-commerce

2 Types of Ads on Facebook:

How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results You can advertise on Facebook by using two different ways. Before starting, it is necessary to differentiate these two means of operation.

How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results

1 – Boost an existing publication:

On Facebook, to advertise simply, you can “boost” an already existing publication. How to boost a publication? Simply create a publication on your page and click on the “boost” button. By clicking on this button, you will be able to set your advertising and choose your audience (ie your target group), as well as the budget and duration of your advertising. This is the easiest way to advertise on Facebook, but it does not offer all the functionality of the Ad Manager…

2 – Create an advertisement in the Advertising Manager:

The second, slightly more complex way to advertise on Facebook requires the creation of a Facebook Ads Manager account. This separate platform will allow you to have a detailed follow-up on all of your advertisements! You’ll have access to more options to create fully customized campaigns and you’ll be able to keep track of your budgets… In short, both tools are useful, just understand which one is best for you!

Create Effective Facebook Ads:

How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results A successful Facebook ad must therefore:
  1. Bring maximum value to the user:through a special offer, a discount, a free guide to download…
  2. Use the levers of virality:Facebook users are weaned of advertising, avoid conventional advertising and play on emotions : laugh, shock, emotion, anger, surprise, secret…
Apply good publication practices to your ads on your Facebook. Make your ads interesting and engaging.
  1. Make you want to click, like, comment and share using clear call-to-action on your images and in your texts (“Ready for two-way?” “Click here for free sample” Targeting only Parisians).
Your ad will fit better in your target news feed and with better click rates, your ad will be better served by Facebook and your cost per click will drop.
  1. Be rapidly decryptable by the brain:use bright colors, simple shapes, faces and visuals readable even in small.
  2. Be adapted your visuals and messages to your ideal client. Never start a campaign without having a clear idea of ​​who you want to attract.
So make sure that your messages and visuals speak to this population, that they recognize themselves both in the language used and in the pictures representing them as a client.

8 Tips for Successful Facebook Ads Campaign:

How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results Advertising on Facebook is essential today to improve its web visibility. If you have a product, service or website to promote, nothing beats the targeting potential of the largest social network today. So, easy to create a Facebook Ads ad? Yes, but to make an effective ad and optimize your budget, better follow the 8 tips that we present in this article. To create a Facebook advertisement, you must first have created a company Facebook page (or fan page). Then just access the Ads Manager and register a credit card. You’ll find an “Advertising Manager” or “Advertising” link in the left column of your news feed. You can also click on the “Create” button that appears in the top blue menu, then select “Advertisement”. Tip: It’s better to go through the Ad Manager, which offers more features, rather than using the blue “Boost Publishing” button that appears on the posts of the company page.

How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results

Facebook ads are very interesting to set up for a business, even for a small local shop. They have several advantages over Google Adwords ads :
  • Easier to set up
  • They are usually cheaper than search links
  • They allow more precise targeting thanks to the profiling of Facebook users
  • Offer more varied marketing objectives
  1. Choose the purpose of the Facebook ad:

First, you need to determine your marketing goal. What will your Facebook ad serve for? To get more likes or subscribers for your Facebook page? To drive traffic to a page on your website?  Promote a product sheet of your e-commerce site by following the conversions? Promoting or sponsoring posts for more users to see? To invite to a Facebook event? Answering these first questions will allow you to choose one of the options offered by Facebook, during the first stage of the ad creation tunnel in the ad manager: fb advertise Facebook is really the social network that offers the most marketing objectives and different advertising formats. Each objective corresponds to a given advertising format. Even though we often win subscribers on our page when we broadcast a traffic generation advertisement to our site… Clearly defining your objectives will also help you measure the performance of your advertising campaign with the right indicators. (number of impressions, clicks, registrations, sales, etc.)

How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results

  1. Gradually target your audience:

fb advertisement The target is the great strength of Facebook ads. As a first step, it is possible to define the audience of your campaign using classic criteria: place, age, sex and language. But there are also many more specific criteria in “advanced targeting“.

 Facebook allows you to target:

  • Demographic data with subcategories Training (eg “master”), Highlights (eg “recently moved”), Parents (eg “new parents 0-12 months”), Policies (USA only), Relationship (eg “Divorced”) and Post (eg “medical and health services”).
  • Interests with subcategories Business and Industry, Entertainment, Family and Relationships, Fitness and Wellness, Gastronomy (eg “Pastry”, Hobbies and Activities, Shopping and Fashion (eg “handbag”), Sports and outdoor activities (eg “golf”) and Technology.
  • Behaviors with the subcategories Digital Activities, Multicultural Affinity (US Only), Birthday, Consumer Rating (select countries only), Purchase Behavior, Expats, Mobile Device Users, and Travel.
When the categories that interest you are offered by Facebook, you can target your potential customers very precisely. For example, young parents of children under one year of age who live 10 km from your child care depot. When your target is less well covered by Facebook targeting, you have to be inventive. For example, target beer and petanque lovers to sell them a barbecue. It is interesting to test a narrow (and therefore highly qualified) targeting on a small budget before eventually increasing its budget if the targeting works properly. If targeting is too small, try to expand your audience by maximizing it with more criteria. Example: If you sell a movie book, in addition to Facebook’s “Movies” and “Action Movies”, you can select directors, actors, and studios that usually have an active fan base. and receptive. As you set your targeting, Facebook calculates the number of users who will potentially be affected by your ad. The small gauge on the right can simulate the visibility of its Facebook Ads campaign The needle must be in the green.
  1. Prioritize The Location In The News feed:

How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results Facebook gives you the choice between several locations where your ads will be displayed. These locations are sorted by:
  • Device type(mobile phone or desktop computer)
  • Platform(Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network or Messenger)
  • Location on each platform(eg for Facebook: news feed, right column, stories, etc.).
You can either trust Facebook by ticking the “Automatic investments” option (Facebook will display your ads on the sites that it thinks are the best), or determine one or more locations by checking “Modify locations “. For example, if you want to advertise only on mobile phone in Messenger. If you choose the locations yourself, prefer the news feed that gives pride to the visual (600 pixels wide for a variable height depending on the type of advertising chosen). Not only is there more advertising, but it is also displayed as a regular post, in the middle of other posts published by the profiles and pages followed by Facebook users. This advertising format is much more visible than a small vignette in the right column. Note for Instagram : The ad network is the same for Facebook and Instagram. So we can very well advertise on Instagram from his Facebook page, even if we do not have an account on Instagram.
  1. Choose Relevant Visuals:

How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results On Facebook, it is the multimedia (photo or video) that engages the most users. Applied to a Facebook ad, this means that the image will make the difference between your campaign and that of the neighbor. “Live” images with humans, animals, bright colors, are usually the ones that cause the most clicks. Ideally, the user can identify with the image. For example, if you are targeting seniors, put a senior photo happy. If you want to promote a product, you do not have to show it at all costs! Put more forward the user with a scenario of the product. This way your audience will be able to identify and interact more easily. The recommended size for images of Facebook ads is 1,200 x 628 pixels. The social network allows you to upload up to 6 different images for the same campaign. So take advantage of it to do A / B Testing: launch for example several ads with the same hook but with different visuals and keep the ones that work the best. Minimize the text embedded in the image. The fewer words written on the image, the more impactful it will be! By the way, Facebook can refuse an image with too much text. So think about testing your image to see if it matches Facebook rules by using the check or overlap tool.

How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results

  1. Write Direct Hooks:

You have very little room to write your teaser or ad text. For a classic advertisement with an image and a link, the text is limited in the following way, as one can see it in the Facebook Ads Guide:
  1. Choose A Call-To-Action Button:

How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results

How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results

Facebook offers a nice feature to add to its ads: call-to-action buttons. Facebook offers several labels (which unfortunately cannot be customized):
  • Apply now
  • Book
  • Call
  • Contact us
  • Download
  • Route
  • Learn more
  • Get schedules
  • Send Message
  • Request an appointment
  • Save
  • See the menu
  • Buy
  • register
  • See more videos
  • Listen now
  • subscribe
By using these buttons, you improve your TDC (click rate) and therefore lower your cost per click. But beyond the tariff aspect, by clearly stating the action you expect from users, you promote conversion! However, avoid using the “Buy” button too much, which can be too direct. Prefer to “Learn More”, “Call” or “Contact Us” who are less involved and have better accordance to click.
  1. Optimize Your Advertising Budget:

How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results How much does a Facebook ad cost? What you will want to spend on your advertising campaign! We can start advertising on Facebook with less than 10 $… This may be enough to put forward a post or event for a small local shop. There is no mandatory minimum fee to create a Facebook ad. Neither of maximum of elsewhere… How much does one have to spend for a Facebook ad to be effective? It’s hard to give a number or even an estimate because Facebook calculates the cost of the click with real-time bidding, like Google Adwords. So the price depends on the competition when you advertise. But also the type of ads that you broadcast: so a “fan gain” advertisement will cost less than a “conversion” ad, probably because Facebook estimates it is less profitable for your business. For satisfactory results, it is better to provide a minimum of 50 € per day.

Should I opt for a manual bid or an automatic bid?

It is easier and more efficient to opt for automatic bidding. You tell Facebook the total budget to spend and then let it manage the amount of daily expenses over a period of time. So, if you set a small budget, for example 100 €, for a subscriber acquisition campaign, and then ask Facebook to spend it as it wishes for a long time, for example 3 months, the network will maximize printing and cost per click. In other words, your advertising will certainly not displayed, but with well-targeted users and for a very low cost-per-click (well below € 0.10 of the subscriber acquired). Is it better to choose a CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions) rate? It all depends on your marketing goal. For simplicity, if your goal is to increase your fan base or generate interaction, opt for the CPC since you will only pay the clicks on advertising. If you’re looking to improve brand awareness or brand awareness, look for CPM.

How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results

  1. Optimize Ads Based On Results:

One thing is certain: you will need to monitor your advertising and make a point after 24 hours. If the number of impressions is low, the TDC (click rate) is low or the CPC (Cost per click) is too expensive, review your copy immediately. Duplicate your campaign and modify the text, the image or the targeting… Even the three variables if necessary! You can change its targeting or add an additional image or improve the text or any parameter along the way, after creating and running the ad. You can also change the period or stop it at any time.

Structure Your Facebook Campaigns:

How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results You Now Have Your First Facebook Campaign But If You Really Want To Improve The Performance Of Your Campaigns And Lower The Price At Which You Buy Your Traffic And Generate Leads, You Will Have To Compete Several Ads By Structuring Your Campaigns. Indeed, On Facebook:
  1. Each Campaign Has A Unique Goal
  2. Ad Sets Allow You To Set Targeting And Placements
  3. Ads Are Served Based On This Targeting
This Structure Allows You To Compete For Your Best Ads Based On Your Targeting And Your Placements.

After Posting Your Facebook Ad:

After Posting Your Facebook Ad:

Do Tests:

On Facebook Ads, there is no miracle recipe! Therefore, it is important to perform pay-as-you-go tests (available in some areas). These tests consist of offering the same advertising to two different audiences or testing two diffusion optimizations (versions of your ads with texts, titles, visuals or different budgets) in order to evaluate those that get the best performance. For this last point, you set a minimum budget corresponding to the advised threshold (1 € per day for the CPM, 5 € per day for the CPC and 40 € for the CPA) the first week then increase it progressively the following ones.

Track And Analyze The Results:

Doing tests is good, but you also have to collect the data and analyze the fallout otherwise it is useless. How many people have clicked on your ad? How many people have taken action as a result of your advertising? Ask yourself as many questions to determine the results of your Facebook advertising in other words to know if it works or not. For this, you need to install on your website the Facebook pixel (Javascript code) to track your conversions online, create audiences and acquire statistics on how your visitors navigate your website. Facebook Ads is such a powerful tool that you can also track offline conversions (by phone, email, in your shop).

Optimize Your Campaigns:

The two previous points are indispensable. Testing multiple versions of ads and monitoring the results of the campaigns allows you to know the different elements to adjust (budget, image, audience, text…) to improve performance. Now, it’s time to move on to optimizing your Facebook advertising by changing some settings. Depending on the results, change your visual, the location of your ad, the text of the ad and increase the budget.

How to Advertise On Facebook to Get Maximum Results


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