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How to Become a software developer (2019)

How to Become a software developer (2019)

Most people believe only having a degree In computer science and ICT related courses makes you a software developer. Even you! but Alas, that assertion might be wrong as many people who do not have degree in computer science. Those are good programmer and software developer. In recent times, we have people who has no degree going into web designing and software development based on how lucrative and job opportunities outside there for programmers. To an extent and depending on our stand, a degree in software development might not really be necessary but rather. All that matters is the basic understanding of the whole thing. Now, the Internet has helped a great deal, talking about instances like freelancing. Software developers have been put in a good position working without even a degree and at the comfort of their homes. Becoming computer programmer, also known as software developer is not an easy task. It requires time and self-dedication. You are saddle with the responsibility of the design, installation, testing and maintenance of software system. Coding of individual program, writing and providing a new software are what is expected of a software developer. Programmers are open to vast opportunities and they are employed virtually in all fields of life from engineering, finance to transport and public institutions. How to Become a software developer (2019)

As an individual in the line, a software developer and programmer,  your job may include:

  • Reviewing and finding alternative to current systems
  • Creating ideas for system improvements, including cost proposals
  • Working effectively with web designers and programmers
  • Writing the program codes and detailed specification
  • Preparation of manuals for users
  • keeping up the systems once they are functional and running

The Opportunities as a Software Developer:

software developer At the moment, about one of three of IT jobs are in development and programming and it is very possible for you to become a software developer across almost all industry sectors. So, there is a probability that you can work in a fitting industry if you have a specific area of interest. The opportunities as a software developer is big and no matter how much we can go thinking about it, we still won’t be enough to emphasize every opportunities attached to this. Capturing the overall sense of things in the progression path, you could even get a promotion, probably promoted to principal or senior developer, creating another path to be promoted from to project manager. In the other way round, you could even prefer moving into a  field of technology that is related. Talking about such, it might be IT architecture, business systems analysis and systems design. If you are so determined not to work under anyone, there is a probability you could work as a consultant or even a freelancer. With this, you get to have an increased working flexibility. Also, work across local boundaries is readily attainable for any candidate interested in exploring the world while working in diverse locations.

 Skills required in the field:

Knowledge of programming skills is a prerequisite. Nevertheless, the specific language will vary targeting the requirements of the particular company. As easy as it is to get a good pay job even without degrees as a software developer, it is not just necessary but crucial to obtain some certain level of skills in ascertaining success in the field. So, although we can conclude that degrees are not needed, but not when it comes to the aspect of skills which is one of the main keys.. Technical know-how relating to programming skills is essential if you want to get into software development. Of course, you’ll need to be able to not just but also be  comfortable with web-based programs, and  traditional programs like Visual Basic. How to Become a software developer (2019)

The Important skills necessary to play up when you are in search of a software developer job are:

  • Expertise in current computer hardware and software
  • You must be able to use and conveniently work with one or more development language (C++, PHP, HTML, etc.)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Eye for detail and identifying problems
  • An understanding of business
  • Analytical and commercial experience

Requirements for Entry into the Field:

As usual, 90% employers will require you have to have a relevant computing  degree or qualification, Nevertheless, there are also companies that run trainee programs for those with AS levels. If you have a degree, but it’s not related to IT, you could apply for a graduate trainee scheme, or take a postgraduate conversion course to build up the relevant skills. Some of the most sought after skills by employers include Java, C++, Smalltalk, Visual Basic, Oracle, Linux and .NET. PHP are also becoming increasingly in demand. How to Become a software developer (2019)


 creative outlet: It’s essential that you stay up to date with the fast paced IT industry as new developments are always appearing. Many organizations may offer a training program to keep you updates on the latest movements within the industry, particularly relating to the business’ requirements and resources. As a starter, you could learn lots of  skills from more senior programmers (being at a junior level) and/or go on external courses to enhance your personal skills. A bigger part of this training will be targeted towards system analysis, programming and software from well known providers which includes the Institute of Analysts and Programmers, British Computer Society, e-skills and the Institute for the Management of Information Systems. All the software vendors, including Microsoft and Sun run accredited training too. How to Become a software developer (2019)

The Hours and Environment:

In most cases you’ll be working 37 to 40 hours a week, but when deadlines have to be met, you can be required to working longer and later hours or at weekend. Traveling may be involved, depending whether you work in house or for a range of clients. If you do work for clients, it’s likely you’ll have to visit their sites and spend the majority of your time on their premises. If they’re far away, it may be necessary to work away from home for a period of time. Much kudos to different technological advances, it is also possible to work right there from the comfort of your home in cases whereby your company allows it or you are self employed. If you are a gifted computer wizard from age 7, there’s no doubt you’ll become a great software engineer. But in a different case, you should ask yourself why need to be one of those individuals utilizing all day while typing at a keyboard making the big device follow you instructions. It is assumed that this path was optioned out to make a living rather than self enjoyment. Enjoying the career is another topic, and one that must be carefully evaluated.

If you try to achieve a result:

Do not really care about computers to an high extent, then you ain’t definitely speaking software engineering. This is  because in order to be the perfect man all round, you need to spend numerous, series of hours finding your way through while still keeping up with the industry in general, practicing and getting to know every lone  little detail in order to do your work perfectly. Speaking of Passion? Then you speak of one crucial ingredient of being superb in any profession thereabout. How to Become a software developer (2019) You will learn every day, and you should also be prepared since every day you’ll be faced with new challenges. You are a professional, an engineer working on potentially very twisted problems. Specifically, you need to find your way in figuring out things, and if peradventure you don’t, you will need to spare some time learning it on the job. As a normal setting, you are required to be acquiring knowledge daily, and this is good as you’re not on a spot in the job market but building up numerous experience as the time passes. Worthwhile knowledge for your company, other companies if you chose to change jobs, or even if you wish to be a sole owner, that is stand alone. Which ever way it comes to you, being expected to learn daily can either be challenging, or very cool. It all depends on how focused and what your mind thinks about it all.

Irrespective, the category is in high demand:

Like seriously, no one knows a developer that is good at what he/she does and without something to engage in. Whether a company job, self job or other tangible thing. Cool developers are highly in demand in any location of the world. And in addition,  you might not get a job for a high or famous company. But surely,  local companies are desperate, willing and ready to find talents. You get to chose your own path, you can move to any where. Be it the Silicon Valley, and decide to be a top company, get a huge amount of salary and utilize  the days with intelligent people while working on the next big stuff. Like seriously, You need not relocate to Silicon Valley so as to look for a job as a developer, not to talk of looking for job as a Web Developer. Maybe its hidden, but web developer is one of the professions that is more open to remote working than any other. There’s no shortage of opportunities in the foreseeable future, too. In opposition to that there will likely be more demand for developers in the forthcoming. In order to build new software or maintain the ones which has already being developed.

Ability to work remotely:

remore work The hidden truth is that when you engage in Remote working, even for just a brief time. Be it a few days, a week or thereabout, Remote working allows for a good work balance or life balance. Yes! We can say that remote working is not really supported by every environment. But working remotely is indeed a perk that’s very well suitable for the development of software. Peradventure, you are one out of the crowd of those developers in search of a total percentage remote job. Then the choice is made to you, the choice of choosing the location you which to reside, living anywhere you prefer, with a nice Internet connection to speed up the whole process. How to Become a software developer (2019) Actually, there is not necessary to spend quality time commuting, encountering challenges related to filling your stomach with something nice every blessed morning. Being forced by office politics and rules to evacuate at some specific time of day. Or even waiting for people to decide whatever time you should leave in order to prevent being the first out and sending the “wrong message”. All the crucial and necessary tools is a fast Internet connection and some cool and quiet place in your home (a special room is highly recommended for this course). You can spend some quality time there, sit, do your best working on projects, and take enough time off as you see fit. Let us say that you are the type that prefers walking the dog in the morning, maybe at around 11:00 AM, and in 30% places. That’s unexceptionally permitted to chose your own time, in as much as you are performing the job you’re expected to do, and doing it right.

Fat Payment without excluding the economic benefits:

Globally, Software development is one of the job that irrespective of your responsibilities at hand. The skills you have acquired in the job, or whatever it might be, there is  generally a nice pay attached to it. In addition to this, the professional job takes time to master, but once you are done with that aspect. And irrespective of your level of professionalism, you can always a good pay as compensation for your hard work and time. As an employee that is remotely working. You can prefer to work for a very rich country or a mini rich ones and decide to take advantage of the economic benefits of attached to your action of doing so. Here, every remotely employed individual needs to understand that this depends a lot on the choices that is made available to you. Now, If you prefer to work as a freelancer, then we are definitely looking another section in which companies. Be it international, local, rich or averagely organized bodies are willing and most times able  to spend their last cash on varying talent. How to Become a software developer (2019) There are little expectations attached to this. And that is related to the fact that You might likely be paid averagely in your first few jobs, but nevertheless. It happens to everyone and you might even be faced with the option of going indie.

Let us consider an instance,

Say you worked for a period of  10 years for a company, and one day you decide again. “Go crazy” and make up your mind to leave your job because it does not satisfy you anymore. Or you think it does not pay you enough, or the working hours attached are not really convenient for you. Or you get laid off, or the company closes down. Fortunately, let us say 90 if not 95 of Most professions require someone to hire you. But software development has this cool  stuff referred to as indie development. The indie development mainly encompasses basically going on your own. Build something around the while plan, and selling it to the world at your own unique convenience. Basically, It can be a SAAS (Software as a Service – aka Web App), a mobile app a desktop app. Even an e-book on the subject you’re the most expert about. You can leverage years of technical know-how into a new thing entirely. And you get a new understanding, experience or knowledge you can offer to the forthcoming employers as well.

It’s a creative outlet:

It’s not any work like painting or design, but programming is a highly creative profession that you can remotely engaged in. Work for companies be it rich, medium, large, small, local or international and get compensated with real cool cash. Any time you set out to write a program you’re creating something new. Much like when you were playing Lego as a child. Lots of times you practice with technologies, only to discover that is not a good way. So you now prefer a different line entirely. Of course, every time you successfully write a new program, you learn something new, and not just that. You get to improve yourself and gain higher chance of becoming even more successful in the category. Well, for another happy part, programming is technical but never for once will it be boring. If you know your way around it.  Except your job is boring in the first place. But the craft of programming in itself should not be boring in any ways. And if things still do not change you might be faced with the option to find a suitable job that won’t seem boring to you. How to Become a software developer (2019)

Coding is social:

Coding is special regardless, even if you might spend 12 hours in a day sitting alone with a demon looking. Or smart looking computer, having and proofing that programming is social is perfectly right in all ways. More often, we base ourselves and make use of software that were developed by people. The manufacturers wrote the manuals and guides to utilizing that software effectively and efficiently. We also rely on Open Source software, establish interactions with people on general forums to converse and learn more about the different secretes to programming, and finally, we make the software for the public. You also join hands with a team which might probably be distributed or local to your office. You have stakeholders in queue, and people are waiting patiently so as for you to do the fixes. More like in their nature, lots of Programmers derive pleasure and good times in going to conferences. And there, the bravest of them even speaks, make suggestions and contribute to the progress. And we also like to have good times with these, like to rant, comment or share things and ideas on Twitter. We star projects on GitHub, open issues, submit a pull request to improve the work of someone else. Of course, all of this is a social activity as normal. And the best thing is that you can go at your own pace, and be as social as you want without any pressure from any angle.

Hard skills:

Which programming language should I learn? The hard skills which is necessary in getting a developer or engineer job are always going to be the understanding relating to the crucial programming languages. The correct ones base on the particular role and the platform or language the company’s software is developed on. The undermentioned are the handful of the most common coding languages employers are after: JavaScript Python Java Ruby PHP C++ CSS Visual Basic .NET SQL More than being knowledgeable and knowing the right strings to pull in the right programming languages. Some employers may even want you to be knowledgeable. And know your way while utilizing some particular software or tools (i.g GitHub, Microsoft Visual Studio, Google Analytics). How to Become a software developer (2019)

Soft skills:

We can say that soft skills aren’t as crucial as coding expertise. But that does not mean that they cannot set you differently from other candidates and help you prosper  in your forthcoming job. The following to be mentioned are few personality qualities that will make you a cool programmer: Problem-solving – The ability to solve complicated coding issues. And understand why something is programmed a specific way is invaluable to employers, talking about problem solving. Team player – Depending on choice, some programmers, usually few work in total isolation. Web developers join hands with designers and software engineers or software programmers and work together as a large group. Time management – Software developers normally work on very close programmings. Even with great coding skills, you will be required to effectively and efficiently  manage your time. Passion for technology and knowledge of the space – The technological space is evenly developing. It is very crucial to be aware of the forthcoming events, and always be building new skills. How to Become a software developer (2019)    

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