How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11

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How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11

As the term shrinks to itself, Fantasy Sports is developed to experience the best sports sensation. It is a virtual game that is played with more style of guessing. Also known as the Fantasy Sports League, it usually offers a sign-up bonus, cash prizes and a lot of enchantment to its participants. For the Indian people, cricket is not just a sport, but a religion! This is a statement you would have heard a million times. In fact, this leading game has become a billion-dollar industry around the world, supporting a vast ecosystem. Today is a big deal with the merger of major brands, celebrities, gambling, league tournaments (like IPL, ICL, etc.) of billions of fans and more. Dream11 is an extremely popular name among everyone today. In the league of myriads of fantastic sports mobile apps, this is a name that has carved itself a place among sports fans and continues to do so. In simple terms, this is an imaginary sports platform based in India that allows users to play fantastic games of cricket, football, kabaddi and basketball. It is among the best Fantasy Cricket Sports app with an ability where its participants can win a cash prize legally. Participants can also withdraw their winnings on the transfer of their Dream11 account associated with a PAN card (required as proof of identity) and obtain money from the bank account.

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11.

Increasing Market Of Fantasy Sports Of India:

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11 It is not very surprising to know the reputation of Fantasy Sports applications in the country. And around the world and the number of projects has become very important. The industry is set to break all records in engaging sports fans and testing their knowledge and skills in the sport. In fact, you may never know that all the nation’s sports leagues are soon offering their own fantastic leagues to their fans, a premier fantasy league. Currently, IPL (Indian Premier League) and ISL (Indian Super League) already manage their own official fantasy leagues in India. The increased visibility of the game and the evolution of digital technology via smart phones. And fast Internet (broadband, 3G and 4G) have made it easy for users to access it, from anywhere and to any device. moment. That’s why innovators came up with this great Fantasy Sports Platform idea. And brought the user experience to a whole new level. Due to this digital evolution. The main players in the Fantasy Sports industry have experienced a huge partnership in terms of advertising and viewing expenses. And guess what? This trend will only grow exponentially in the coming years.

The first report from India on the growth of Fantasy Sports Industry clearly indicates this frenzy:

  • IFSG-AC Nielsen reports 2 out of 3, that is, 67% of India’s 18 online cricket fans are aware of fantastic sports.
  • Dream11 has 1.8 crore users and with that, he likes to be the greatest player of the race.
  • The difference between 67% awareness and 10% adoption reflects the enormous growth potential of the sector.
  • Rapid growth in the last two years, from 2 million users in 2016 to 20 million in 2018
  • 89% of users engage in whimsical sports at least once a month.
  • In terms of engagement, users tend to spend 42 minutes a day playing fantastic sports apps.
Commercial aspect: even from the commercial point of view, the fantastic sport is an excellent starting idea to invest in the country. The business model is proving to be strong in terms of revenue and also provides revenue through brand partnerships, contest sponsors, advertisements and registration fees.

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11.

Fantasy Sports Market Across The World:

If we go back in time to understand the emergence of the Fantasy Sports League, it is indeed in 1952 in the United States that Fantasy Sports was born. And today, it has more than 200 operators with 59.3 million users (21% of the US population). In the United States, about 65% of sports enthusiasts play fantasy sports. Some other facts related to the Fantasy Sports trend around the world are:
  • Fantasy Sports started in the United States of America in 1952. Even today, there are more than 200 operators and more than 60 million users. In the United States, sports fans practice 65% of imaginary sports.
  • Fantasy sports user by 2020-100 million, of which 30% of sportsmen online in India.
  • In India, the last two years have grown from 2 million users in 2016 to 20 million in 2018.
  • Terms of engagement, users spend 42 minutes a day on a fantastic sports app.
  • In India, two out of 67 online sports fans, 67%, know about fantasy sports.
  • Never practiced fantasy sports, 96% of them have practiced it at least once in the past year.
  • The fantastic sport is very slimy 90% of users play at least once a month.
  • 20 million users of fantastic sports, India quickly catching up with Western countries. India is becoming the battleground for imaginary sports operators.
  • 50% of the players mainly use their mobile device for fantasy.

Types of Fantasy Games:

  • League based game
  • Scoring based game
  • Draft based game
  • Daily and weekly game

Dream 11: The Flag-Bearer Of Indian Fantasy Sport Industry:

So who is the brilliant spirit behind this innovation, the one with whom it all started? Well, there was this fantastic sports enthusiast, Harsh Jain, who came with Dream 11, the idea he had been shaping since 2011. Today, this fantastic sports leader has 1.8 crores of registered users. Incredible, no? Yes, but it’s true! That was the importance of the fantastic cricket platform: at present, about 900% of this segment has been developed, with about 20 million users, compared to 2 million in 2016. In fact, about 89% of these users play fantasy sports at least once a month.

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11.

Why India is the most important market for the fantastic Cricket App?

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11 Fantasy Sports is completely legal and is a game of simple skills. This is truly the future of online gaming in the country and its roots are already well established. We are only expecting it to grow over time, as more and more countries are expected to adapt this concept. In fact, the craze for this project was evident in the 2018 Indian Premier League, which officially crafted its own Fantasy cricket mobile phone and revealed the statistics of the users of the cricket fantasy application during their live matches. 8 to 9 million users were logged on their app during the event. In this way, it is clear that Fantasy Cricket platforms will grow rapidly. The coming years will bring many great events and cricket tournaments. After all, companies see it as a great growth opportunity.

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11.

It’s Legal Unlike Sports Betting Apps:

With the debate on the warming of sports betting applications around the world, it is good to know that the Indian legal system has clearly distinguished the imaginary sport of betting and gambling activities, considering it as a game of gambling.This is a game in which sports fans can create their fantastic teams by combining players who, in their opinion, will get better results than others in a game in real life. This is another positive point. The creators of applications and users do not have to hesitate, because Fantasy Sports business is completely legal in the country. As an entrepreneur and investor, people like to spend their efforts and money on legal concepts and not on raw and illegal ideas. This is also evident in the case of fantasy sports applications or websites. But this is good news, because you do not have to hesitate to embark on this fantastic sport because the concept is authentic and legal in India.

Understand The Revenue Model Of Fantasy Cricket Applications:

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11 So, in the case of Dream11, this is a freemium fantasy cricket game, which means that cricket fans can register on the platform and join the contest for free or for a registration fee pre-set to be part of the fantasy thrill. Meanwhile, to manage a Dream 11 platform, it is not easy to make money. Because of the business model, it will not even be a penny of net profit without at least a million users. Looking at the fact that every day, millions of fantasy cricket teams play on the Dream11 platform, it is very difficult to predict the exact figure of income that Dream 11 would get each day. However, based on the given contest, the amount of winnings, the number of teams and the entry for each competition, it is easy to calculate the flat income. At the same time, given the popularity of sports among the popular masses, Dream11, besides cricket, also allows other sports fans like the NBA and football to create their dream team and live the frenzy of fantasy sports and real. Not only that, but the fantastic sport business model can also be applied to all existing sports around the world with their own game rules and variations.

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11.

How To Configure Business Model As Dream 11?

By teaming up with a brilliant mobile application development team, you can create a website that suits your needs. The team of experts will help you create an innovative and unique application for your Fantasy Sports business. Choosing the right development partner is essential to realize your dream of creating a superior application.

Features And Functionality Of The Application:

Competitor / user of the application:

  • Registration / Login:

The user can register and log in to the app using the username, email ID, phone number, password, and referral code ( if provided by friends).
  • Home screen:

This is the main / default screen that the user will land on after logging into the application. The complete match is displayed here. A user can filter a search by matches, type of sport (cricket, NBA, football), match category (match to come, match in progress / live, results). The list of matches includes the name of the tournament, team 1 (name with the image), team 2 (name with the image) and the timing of the match (date and time). Once the user has selected the desired match from the list, a user will be redirected to the contest screen.
  • Contest:

In this section, the user can view the complete contest lists for the match in question, for example, filter the contest by: registration fee range, winning range, contest type, contest size; then on the Contest List includes: Type of Contest, Name of Contest, Entry Fee, Total Winning Contest, Number of Winners (user can view the win criteria based on rank), Total Number of Winners teams (team that can register). A user can select the desired contest and register.
  • Enter the Contest:

Under this section, the user will have to pay the respective registration fees and participate in the contest.
  • Method of payment:

Online payment methods are provided such as credit / debit card, Paytm wallet, application wallet, cash bonus points.
  • Create your own contest:

With one click, the user can create their own contest by submitting the following details, such as: Contest name, Total amount won (minimum and maximum), Contest size (minimum 2 and maximum 100), Allow multiple teams (yes / no), registration fees (registration fees are calculated based on the total amount of the prize and the selected contest size), enter the contest, the contest creator must first participate in the contest, before creating), invite his friends to join the competition
  • My competition:

Under this section, the user will be able to see the list of participants. Here, he can see and edit the players of his team and filter the search by types of match (upcoming, live, results) (Note: The user can only update players on his team before a certain time before the match, which will be managed by the owner of the application.).

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11.

  • My Profile (Dashboard):

In this section, the user will be able to view and update their profile details. This section will also include: Your Reward Points, Your Account Details (such as, Total Balance, User’s Win Amount, User Cash Bonus (By Referral), View Transaction, Manage Payments, Add cash, Remove the amount of the gain (Add your bank account or add the detail of your panoramic card *), Rankin (general ranking), My friends, Invite and win (explanation below), disconnect. (Note: The administrator will check the account details and update the user accordingly)
  • Settings (More):

Under this section, the user can view other required features of the application, such as:
  • Invite and Win:

Under this section, the user will share the app’s URL with their friends with the app’s link and referral code. By joining the contest with the reference code shared by the user, he / she will receive a bonus amount for the same. In addition, a user will be rewarded with a cash bonus in their application portfolio when their sponsored friends join a contest. CMS Section: This section will include, About Us, Help, Contact Us, Points System.
  • Administrator login:

From there, the administrator must log in to the application using, Username and password.
  • Dashboard:

This section presents field statistics, such as the total number of games (upcoming, current, games played), the total number of candidates, and total winnings.
  • User Manager:

The administrator can manage the entire user account, such as Change / Remove / Add / Active / Disable accounts.
  • Manage Mappings:

The administrator will be able to manage the entire correspondence of the application and modify / delete / add / activate / deactivate the correspondences.
  • Manage games Category:

The administrator can manage the categories of games.
  • Contest Manager:

The administrator will be able to manage all the contests of the application and modify / delete / add / activate / deactivate the contest.
  • Earnings:

View all earnings of the app with different filters.
  • Manage payment:

The administrator will be able to manage various payment methods of the application.
  • Manage reward points:

From there, reward points offered to users can be managed by the administrator.
  • Manage cash bonuses:

The administrator will be able to manage cash prizes and cash bonuses offered to participants.
  • Manage reports:

The administrator will be able to generate reports such as competition reports, candidate reports, a match report, a win report, ranking reports.
  • Manage the bank withdrawal request:

The administrator will be able to post the entire request of the competitor to withdraw the amount of their gain in their respective bank. The administrator is authorized to: accept / reject the bank details, accept / reject the details of the panoramic map. Display the complete list of candidates (approved and rejected), send money to the candidate.
  • Manage content management system pages:

The administrator can manage sections such as, About us, Contact us, Help, Point system

Additional Features:

Live Match Score: The user will be able to watch live scores for a variety of games and sports. In addition to game highlights, expert analysis and original video programs. Live Score API Integration: The Fantasy Sports API provides developers with easy-to-use. Out-of-the-box data that can easily be integrated into their platforms. CRM integration: the application is integrated with the back-end service provider and helps with ticket management, user location, e-mail, push notification and useful many other ways. Push notification: Alerts and messages are sent to users to inform them when a team is created, when the game starts, etc. Real-time analysis: This technology is crucial in such applications when data needs to be captured in real time. Data is constantly stored and updated in real time. GPS Location Tracking: This feature is effective for sending alerts and push notifications to app users on upcoming or current leagues, as well as matches near their location. Custom Mail Reminder System: Customized messages will be sent to participants to inform them of upcoming matches or information about the selected players or team. Payment system: There are different payment methods and users can easily make the payment using a debit / credit card, Net banking or e-Wallet.

Ranking Architecture:

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11
  • API is an edge service that responds to all requests.
  • Resources used and created are saved in the MySQL database
  • After the match deadline, data is retrieved from MySQL to s3 through the Amazon Data pipeline.
  • Data Pipeline records all contest information on s3
  • The data pipeline sends an SNS notification at the end of the data transfer
  • SNS triggers a lambda function that makes an API call to the Leaderboard API
  • The Ranking Service schedules the spark job of loading data to a spark cluster using Spark Job Server.
  • Spark reads the S3 contest data and records it on Cassandra after the treatment. Data is ready to serve
  • The ranking service connects to Cassandra to view detailed contest views, as previously explained.

What Are The Things To Take Care Of ?

Well, developing and launching a Fantasy Sports app is a huge job. You must be aware of the results and aspects not to be overlooked during the process. So here’s the idea of ​​what you should avoid at all costs when creating such an application: Better not to do everything like your marketing expenses when launching the final product. Without first obtaining an MVP (minimum viable product). In addition, collect positive customer data and statistics that will be useful to you. If you are not completely sure that your back-end will be able to handle it. Do not be angry about marketing, because convincing unsatisfied users to return is much more expensive. Never leave someone to run your business – it will only burn your money. Make money and finally leave your business for a better job. There is nothing like “you will have the opportunity if the product is launched a little late”. Because it works exactly as it should – the product ends up being a winner. Last but not least, let no one convince you to spend much more and much sooner than you expect.

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Website like Dream11.


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