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Knockout the exquisite Javascript library

Knockout the exquisite Javascript library Knockout is a library based in javascript and a Model-view-View Model (MVVM) based framework. It is used to create rich and responsive display and ensures that the UI remains in sync with an underlying data model.

All about Knockout

Knockout.js is an open source javascript library that provides an easy and clean way to manage complex data-driven interfaces. It is small, lightweight and independent of any other framework. The differentiating feature of knockout is that it you scale up in complexity without fear of introducing inconsistencies.



Efforts are put in to construct and optimize code for a simple and flexible product. Knockout js is also lightweight and compact.

Easy updation

As and when the data model's state changes, the UI updates automatically, this is also known as elegant dependency tracking.

Trivially extensible

Implementing custom behaviors as declarative bindings to achieve responsiveness using clean code makes it extensible.

What we do

Create rich interfaces

Maintain exuberant data structure

Ensure Extensibility

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