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Rexzet Solutions team audit your application and find the points that create resistance in performance of the applications. Then after finding the issues, plan the best solution to assign resources to application to perform best.

What is Performance Testing?

Performance testing is a non-function testing technique, which developers use to measure sociability, speed, security and scalability of the applications. These tests done by different test cases, if application works fine with test cases. Application ready to launch otherwise find the errors and correct again.

Rexset Solutions provides full kit of performance testing.

Why Performance Testing is Necessary?

Today is the age of technology, everyone need to dependent on mobile applications to manage account details, security etc. User want the applications that are fully secure, speedy, responsive, easy to use and much more requirements. If you want to capture market, your application must has these things to grab user attention.

When  you are developing application, keep in mind your requirements and needs. You can boost your business by focusing user requirement.


Rexzet Solutions is an IT company, that is providing Web, Mobile App Development And Seo Services. We are working on SaaS (Software as a service) based all type of products related to web, desktop and mobile applications. We always  satisfy our clients.

Application Consulting

We are providing consultancy to organizations, who need to implement their SaaS application. We are with you from start to end.

Application Development

Rexzet Solutions is providing quality Software-as-a-Service application solutions. Experts are experienced.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

You need to implement Multi-tenant architecture in Software-as-a-Service application. Let’s come to Rexzet Solutions.

Third-Party Integration

We know how to integrate your SaaS to third party software to boost your business application features.

Mobile Applications

You need to convert your SaaS solution to Mobile application. We know how to change your SaaS into hybrid or native mobile applications.


Rexzet Solutions has 200+ experienced experts. You need any help, fell free to ask.

MAIN Features

  • Load testing

    Load testing is a type of performance test, helps to determined, how your application behave when multiple user access this app.

  • Volume testing

    In volume test, we test the performance of application by increasing the volume of data in database.

  • Capacity testing

    Capacity testing is a type of performance test, how many user your application can handle before decreasing the performance.

advantage of UI design

First impression is the last impression, if you want to capture the market and grab your customer’s attention towards your application. You have to design user interface attractive and eye catching.  Rexzet Solutions has 80+ experienced frond-end developers, they are designing your applications attractive and more attractive.

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We always provide Confidential and Secure apps

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