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The Scala Programming Language

General Purpose language is a strong static protects from errors in Applications. Scala using libraries written in any language but referenced by Java. Scala is the pool of functional programming language features. It is efficient to build high performance systems.

Why Scala ?

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Scala runs on the JVM, so Java and Scala stacks can be freely mixed for totally seamless integration.


Scala is an intelligent programming language, no need to define variable type. Scala can deduce the data type of variable.


Scala has the library with actor model. we can write concurrency code by using this library. Akka is also same tool.


Scala allows us to create Traits by using Java classes, that has all type of methods using in Traits.


Scala provides us flexibility to create function composition by using Higher order function.


We can write more logical code with Scala because case classes support pattern matching.

About Scala

Scala is the combination of PHP and Java programming language. Scala is an open source programming language which uses the libraries written in any programming language referenced by Java, which makes it more effective and easy to use. Scala was introduced specially  for web applications to overcome limitations of Java.

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