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The video marketing is one of the most promotional strategies used today. You can see almost everywhere, and hence make the transition from traditional media to social networks.

It also aims to create the link with the customer, empathy for the brand and by the same to promote the purchase conversion rate. It should be remembered that the average conversion rate of a website without video is 2.9%, while it will be 4.8% for a site with video. On the other hand, it gives a trendier, dynamic and more entertaining image. It is also a strategic way of communicating information, explaining, raising awareness among your audience. About the brand, the company, the production process, the products, the teams.


  • Facilitates the understanding and memorization of messages.
  • A powerful multi-support tool.
  • Generates trust
  • Improve your SEO.
  • Increase interest in your mailings.
  • Adds new potential targets.
  • Promotes the act of purchase.


Video marketing attracts more visitors to our content. If we want to boost our business, we must create video about products. Give attractive to customers and give some offers to loyal customers. People don’t want to read now a days, they want to watch and hear.

In addition, video marketing can also serve as a means to present instructions (tutorials), to promote customer testimonials, to broadcast live events, and to deliver viral content.


Organic growth from search engines increased by 157% with video content. In addition, when video is used to discover a product or service, the growth of new users is more effective. If a website contains a video, users spend 88% more time on the site, unlike a site that does not.

  • Before the purchase, that is to say when one seeks to attract the attention of the user, to arouse his interest and to provoke his desire, the video will play the role of publicity. It will serve to publicize the product, to highlight it and inform to answer any questions of Internet users. Ex: Advertising spot that showcases the product.
  • During the purchase phase, the video will promote the purchase by reassuring the user in his approach and avoid the abandonment of the basket. Ex: Video of the product in use, which will highlight its qualities and affirm its superiority over others.
  • After the purchase, the video will develop the use value of the product. Ex: Video of the user using the product

Video Marketing Services

650+ Customers From Different Business Verticals In 18 Countries. You want to promote your business via video promotions. Contact to Rexzet Solutions.

YouTube Channel Research

Check YouTube channels on YouTube related to your products or business. have to see

what type of products they have.? Keywords using. ?  Product description. ?

How are they presenting their product.?


Video Optimization

  • Use related words in description
  • Use unique title of video
  • Give unique content in video
  • Don’t copy content from another video
  • Link this video to other videos of your channel

YouTube Video Ads

  • You only pay when viewers watch your video: Advertisers are billed only if someone watches your ad for 30 seconds or until the end of the ad if it’s shorter than 30 seconds.
  • Reach the right people: Target the right users based on their location, profile and interests. For example: a 25-35 year old woman living in Lyon, or a man who likes sport.

Your Video Marketing Message

Give the positive message in your promotion video related to your brand. Use the lines or wording that people should attract by your wording. And show their willingness to use your product.

Social Media

Today Social media is so fast. After creating the video, upload it on your YouTube channel. Must share this video on social media, by using this method you can increase your customers.

People will watch your video, like, comment and share your video.

Finding The Right Audience

One of the most important aspect is audience that must be relevant to your product or service. But if your audience will be non-relevant then you are wasting your time as well as money to create videos and ads.

Our Video Marketing Process

Rexzet Solutions is the certified company about digital marketing. We have the best developers, video editors and designers. We analyze your brand and them create ads to promote your brand via videos on YouTube and other social media Platforms.

Discover Your Story

Tells people about your brand and story behind your success.

Find Target Audience

You have to find people who are taking interest in your products and show motivation to use.

Deliver The Message

Deliver your attractive message to your targeted audience. This message should prepare their mind to use product.

YouTube Pre-Roll In-stream Ads

Pre-roll in-stream advertisement, when someone want to watch a video but suddenly commercial video start and no one can skip it before 5 second or watching full video. This commercial video from the Google Adwords. We give our advertisement contract to Google Adwords and Google Adwords pass this contract to Google AdSense. Google AdSense let the publishers to monetize their Websites, blogs and YouTube channels and start showing this commercial video for advertisement of company.

Mostly this video length 6 minutes which we can skip and 5 to 12 seconds length commercial video which we cannot skip.

YouTube In-display Ads

TrueView in-stream ads are commercial videos served on YouTube, websites and all types of applications in the GDN (Google Display Network). This types of ads also can run in videos on YouTube that are embedded on the websites or applications. In-stream ads can also show on IOS applications, Android Applications and also connected TVs. Viewers can skip this type of ads after 5 seconds and if he does not skip ad, after 30 seconds count will increase.

When viewers watch ads or video 30 seconds, click to ads and visit you website, call-to-action overlays, cards and companion banners. Then advertiser will pay to Google AdWords.

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