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Web and Mobile Experience Engineers

Rexzet Solutions is an IT company, We have most experienced engineers who develop mobile and web designs that leaves an impact on your business.

FrontendTechnology Expertise

We have front-end creative designers who always make your application attractive.


Google app engine is a cloud computing and web framework platform that allows for developing web applications. This also allows to host web applications data-centers which are managed by Google. These applications can run across multiple servers. Google App engine offers scaling for web applications automatically. The most advanced thing within this platform is, when our requests increases for application, Google App Engine allocates more resources for the web application to manage more demands.

Now you can use this platform to design and develop applications. If you need any help, Rexzet Solutions always welcome new customers.

  • Migrate to Google App Engine

  • Cloud Powered Mobile App Development

  • Performance Consultancy

  • Compute Engine Consultancy

  • Compute Engine Setup

  • Complete Solution Development


Google Compute Engine is a virtual server machine developer by Google with high performance. It helps to create strong, secure customer software solutions.

Rexzet Solutions has experts with experience using Google compute engine. They always try to help organizations to create more featured applications that can manage load, speed and security.


Without a database we cannot even think about web applications, software applications or mobile applications. Database uses to store different kind of data uploaded from both customers and admin. Google Cloud Storage offers  this service that anyone can use to fulfill data store requirements.

Rexzet Solutions has experienced database experts that can plan, deploy and manage your all data with NOSQL database on Google Cloud Storage platform.

  • Google Cloud Store Development

  • Google BigQuery Analytics Solutions

  • Cloud Dataflow Solutions

  • Virtual Cloud Development

  • Load Balancing

  • Scaling Consultancy


Setup of Cloud Computing is not an easy task, we have use a lot of resources to increase performance at critical geographical locations. We need to connect different types of virtual resources. Google Cloud Networking platform is easy to connect virtual resources and use services easily.

Rexzet Solutions helps companies to plan and implement Google Cloud Virtual Networking. It helps to increase efficiency and control cloud services and resources.


Google Cloud Platform has a built-in feature, monitoring and  performance management system. But you can only use this system, if you know about this and you know how to utilize it efficiently.

Rexzet Solutions can help to use this.

  • Stackdriver based Monitoring

  • Reporting and Logging

  • Alerting and Notification Policies

Mobile UI And UX Design

  • Integration Experts

  • Secure Mobile Apps

  • DevOps Strategy

  • DevOps Strategy

Our Website Design Services

  • DevOps Strategy

  • DevOps Strategy

  • DevOps Strategy

  • DevOps Strategy

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