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Which programming language should I learn?

Which programming language should I learn?

What is programming language?

A programming language is known to be the language used to code different electronic devices, especially a computer. A programming language consists of different instructions designed to create a variety of output. Programming languages have been utilized in computer programming systems to create different algorithms. A lot of programming languages are simply instructions used to code computers. There are a variety of machine which can utilize different instructions which are not programming languages. Early programming languages were created before the invention of the digital computer. The first programming language was probably the automatic flute player created by the Musa brothers in the 9th century during the Islamic Golden Age. Programming languages have been in use since the early 1800s to control the behavior of different machines such as Jacquard looms, music boxes and player pianos. These programs were considered to be very stereotype as they were only able to produce one type of output from different forms of input. Which programming language should I learn?


There has been the creation of thousands of programming languages and different languages have been developed daily. A lot of programming languages are designed to be in an imperative (set of instructions are stated for a specific result) form while the rest are designed to be written in declarative form (only the result is stated). Each programming language designed can be divided into two different parts namely; syntax (form) and semantics (meaning). Certain languages are created using a specific documentation (for instance, C programming is done according to a certain ISO standard) while other types of languages (for example Perl) make use of a dominant implementation which is treated as a reference. Certain languages have both the specific documentation and the dominant implementation. However, the basic language defined by a standard and extensions taken from the dominant implementation being common.

Types of Programming Language:

Recently, there are a variety of programming languages which have become more popular and can serve for a variety of purposes. However, these languages have specific purposes and each language is known for its merits and demerits. Basically, programming languages are classified into different types ad these different types of languages are very compatible with different styles of programming. Annually, there is an implementation of a good number of languages but only few of these languages get popular enough to be adopted by the computer system. These programming languages are used to determine the performance of the computer or machine. Presently, computer programmers have a lot of choices that they can choose from but these languages have characteristics. The different types of languages found include;
  • Procedural Programming Language:

This is a special type of procedural programming language which can be used for the execution of a set of statements leading to a result. Basically, this special type of programming language utilizes multiple variables, heavy loops and other elements. This type of programming language is quite different from functional programming languages. Procedural programming languages are used to ensure the control of variables asides value returns. For instance, this includes the printing out of information.
  • Functional Programming Language:

Functional programming language basically makes use of stored data while also avoiding loops to ensure recursive functions. The purpose of functional programming is the return value of functions and side effects. For instance, in a very good programming language, if there is a function, the function will not modify or perform any o/p. It may also be involved in the creation of algorithmic calls and the changing of the different factors of these calls. Functional languages are considered to be easier and it can be easily built based on abstract issues. However, the functional languages are considered to be further from the machine and the language has to be decoded into machine language.
  • Object-oriented Programming Language:

This is a special programming language which views the world as a set of objects which have internal and external accessing parts of the data. The purpose of this language is to organize the fault by the separation of the fault into different objects that provide services that solve certain problems. A major principle behind object oriented programming language is that everything needed by the object will be inside of the project. This language ensures reusability through inheritance and the ability to spread different implementations without having to order any major part of the code.
  • Scripting Programming Language:

This is another type of programming language which is considered to be procedural and is quite different from object-oriented language elements. However, this language belongs to the same category as they are not considered to be real programming languages with a support for very big systems. For instance, they may lack compile-time type checking. Basically, these languages have a little amount of syntax to be developed.
  • Logic Programming Language:

 These are the programming languages which allow programmers to make declarative statements and then allows the machine to process the results of these declarative statements. When we consider it, this language doesn’t really control the processing of the computer but only restricts what it is doing. Considering the different types of languages that have been discussed above, there have been different examples of programming languages. Examples of these languages are; C++ Language, C Language, Pascal Language, Fortran Language, Java Language, PHP Language, Perl language, LISP Language and Scheme language.

Examples of common programming languages:

Which programming language should I learn?

C++ Language:

The C++ language is known to be an object oriented language which is utilized for the establishment of large projects. Programmers can split up a project into various parts with different individuals working on one part. The structure of the programming language allows for the use of code over and over again. The language is known to be efficient.

Pascal Language:

This programming language is very good for teaching and it is quite popular. Only certain industries make use of it for coding. The language utilizes different keywords in coding rather than symbols and braces. This language is considered to be very easy for beginners to understand than other complex languages.

Fortran Language:

Fortran is a programing language which makes us of numbers. Regardless of the use of numbers, it is still in use by different scientists. This language allows for the use of a varying amount of variables extending up the machine’s memory limit. This language is used by engineers who are used to calculating their values with a high level of precision. Programming with the use of fortran is quite complex and can be difficult to read.

Perl Language:

This is quite different from other programming languages as it is a file management language designed for use with UNIX. It is however known for its popular gateway interface programming (CGI). This is the term used to describe different programs that webservers can allow to provide a high level of additional capabilities on their web page. Pearl is a method which is used in text searches and can be used to perform some useful server functions and other databases. The language is quite easy to learn if you have any previous experience with coding.

PHP Language:

Which programming language should I learn? This is a special language which can be used to design special webpages and can also be used as a scripting language. This language is designed for the rapid development of website and it contains features that make it easy to create HTTP headers and links to databases. Because it is a scripting language, it makes use of different components which allow to programmers to work at a fast speed. But, it is known to have more complex object oriented features.

LISP Language:

LISP language is the most common programming language which is used to perform research in computer science. It is also know to store data in lists. The syntax of the list is considered to be quite simple.

Scheme Language:

This is considered to be an alternative to LISP but it possesses simpler syntax and other features. Other projects which are carried out using the Scheme language will result in implementation of a good amount of LISP language. It is a popular introductory language which is used in the computer science department in MIT. This language is known to solve problems quite easily without having to worry too much about the syntax of the language.

What programming language should I learn?

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice at coding or not or probably you have chosen to learn coding and programming languages as an upgrade at your place of work, you’ll need to make a major decision on the type of programming language to learn. A lot of people find themselves asking themselves this questions. This people often end up looking at a number of parameters in search for an answer. However, it is important that you know that there is no direct answer. Every situation is different and requires a different type of approach. Deciding on which programming language to choose is dependent on a number of factors. As a programmer, you will initially have to decide whatever project you would be working on, your employers and your level of knowledge on programming. Let’s take a look at some of the major programming languages available and what it takes to learn them. python Python is a very easy programming. It is the best choice for programmers who seek a programming language which is equally very simple and fun to code. With python, you don’t have to worry about too many complexities. Instead of immediately engaging you in certain syntax rules, Python is based on English and is very easy to understand for novices. When using python, you get the chance to learn coding at its simplest form and you do not have to worry about the little details you would come across in other programming languages. Python is known to be very good when dealing with web development; graphic user interfaces (GUIs) and software development. Some of the most notable apps built with the use of Python include Instagram, YouTube and Spotify. This means the knowledge of python is in demand among different employees as well as a very quick onboarding. Regardless of its numerous advantages, python isn’t without its defects. It is considered to be a slow language which requires a serious amount of testing. It is also not as practical as other languages in the development of mobile applications.
  • C Language:

Unlike python which is very easy to learn, C is one of the most difficult languages to learn. However, despite its complexity, it is a very good language to learn. This is due to the fact that a lot of programming languages form a part of C. This means that as soon as you grasp the knowledge of C#, you would find it much easier to learn other languages such as C++ and C#. Due to the fact that C is considered to be more of a machine language, it offers more insight into the working mechanism of a computer. A lot of developers have likened the knowledge about C to be quite similar to learning about anatomy before finally pursuing a career in medicine. This means it is a very good choice if you want to learn how to code efficiently. Considering all its benefits, learning C would be a very good choice for any beginner. However, the learning process is considered to be more of a challenge.
  • Java :

Which programming language should I learn? This is an object oriented programming language which has a variety of features. It is also considered to be in high demand. The basic concept behind the operation of java is “write once, run anywhere”. This means that the programming language is considered to be able to be written on any device and can run anywhere. The ease of use of the programming language is considered to be one of the most popular programming languages around the world. So if you’re looking to learn a programming language which has a very good career prospect, this is the choice for you. You would find out that a lot of employers have interested in java. Employers that accept java employees are EBay, Amazon and IBM. Also, it turns out that java is compatible with both android and iOS devices. It is considered as one of the basics for android development and is used in the creation of different mobile applications. Java may be more complex that Python but is considered to be a high-level language. It is also considered to be a very good choice for different beginners. This programming language has a slow startup and developers take much longer to create the first project.
  • JavaScript:

This programming language is quite popular like the previous programming language. A lot of websites are now known to be developed based on the JavaScript programming language. These websites include Twitter, Gmail, Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, it the app is considered to be very important if you will be including interactivity to a website that utilizes HTML and CSS. This means it is essential for front-end development and consumer-facing websites and it is also considered to be very important in back-end development. Due to the growing importance of JavaScript, there has been an exponential increase in the demand for the language. Considering the increased level of popularity, JavaScript is considered to be the best when it comes to test automation frameworks. Certain frameworks such as Protractor and NIghtwatch make use of JavaScript as the foundation. There is no need to install the JavaScript as it has already been installed in the browsers. Its availability makes it quite easy for the language to be set-up. The only disadvantage of the JavaScript is that it is interpreted differently between different browsers and may be quite deficient in responsive design in comparison to server-side scripts. It is also not quite difficult to learn but it is not as simple to learn as Python programming language. If JavaScript is quite difficult to learn, you would finally be able to grasp it after some practice.
  • Ruby:

This is another interesting programming language. Ruby is considered to be as simple as Python. It is also one of the easiest languages to learn for beginners or individuals who lack any experience in programming. You do not require any special knowledge to run this programming language. The use of Ruby does not need to know a lot of commands or programming terms to be versatile in it. However, if things prove difficult, there are different materials which can help developers better understand the programming language. Another reason why a lot of developers like Ruby as a programming language is due to the variety of frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, which has become more popular among different startups and enterprise solutions. Different websites make use of Airbnb, Groupon, Hulu, and Soundcloud. These websites were setup making use of Ruby on Rails and Ruby has become quite popular in developer communities today. The increasing popularity of the programming language has led to its adoption by a lot of businesses. Which remains one of its major demerits. Ruby is known to face the difficulty of scalability in a large system. And developers may find it difficult to have optimal performance on larger websites. Also, Ruby is quite easy to learn and a lot of opportunities will be gotten from the knowledge of Ruby on Rails. Before you can enjoy the benefits of the Ruby programming language. You have to ensure that you have a very deep knowledge of Ruby on Rails. So, now that we have treated the best programming languages to learn. Let’s do our best to answer the question based on certain parameters.

What is actually the best programming language to learn?

You desire to learn a very simple programming language, consider learning Python. If you need a programming language which provides a very good foundation to becoming an expert developer, C should be your choice. If you are on the lookout for the programming language that would prove extremely useful for career or the creation of mobile apps, Java should be your choice. When you have an interest in front-end development, try your hand at JavaScript. If you are looking forward to designing a programming language for a startup website, Ruby is the best alternative for you. Asides what has been listed above. There is not special strategy which is used in choosing what programming language to learn. A lot of developers would clearly state that every programming language has its own challenges. Regardless of what you pick, the initial stages may be seen as quite difficult. But with constant practice, you can get much better at it. Learning a new programming language can be difficult. But it requires a high level of practice and dedication to full grasp everything about the programming language. The taste for everyone is considered to be quite different. Certain developers have claimed JavaScript to be the best starters for them while others prefer python.

When it comes

to different people who desire the use of test automation. When developing their programming language, they find it easy to make use of JavaScript. However, considering the fact that there are certain general principles commonly found among these programming languages. Regardless of whichever programming language is chosen, you can always derive a very good experience from it. The important thing is to basically keep practicing till you are able to fully understand the programming language. Keep learning and you will finally come across a way to make use of this code to achieve your aims or goals. As soon as you are done with your first language. You can go onto the next language and keep gaining more skills. You can pick from the options above and become an expert. Learning more than one programming language is still a way to achieve a high level of professionalism in coding. After learning the first one, it becomes increasingly easier to learn other forms of programming languages.  

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